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About us


Prada bridger global team was founded by Susette "Susie" Prada, a real estate specialist focused on high end investments with more than 10 years of experience and more than US $80 million dollars in sales, together with Aleyso Bridger, an expert in marketing and public relations who for more  than eighteen years has been creating and implementing strategies with a return of investment (ROI) of more than US$4 million per campaign for national brands such as Century 21 real estate, Realogy, Eva Longoria foundation, Cala Enterprises, Deepak Chopra, Penguin Random House, HOLA! USA, Meredith Time Corporation among others.

Susie and Aleyso, are citizens of the world living in Miami for more than twenty  years, adding to that, they have been friends since 1998, when they met while working for different social activities implemented for the World Bank in Cartagena, Colombia. As life went on, In 2016, they met again in Miami. “Susie” as everybody calls Susette, was already in Real Estate, and Aleyso was growing her company, Bridger Communications. Together as friends they implemented various events in Miami. it was until 2020, when Aleyso became licensed in real estate when they decided to reunite experience, sales, connections with the Miami real estate lifestyle and Prada Bridger Global Team was born.


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